Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Evening Update

Debbie is settled in and resting now. She is getting used to her new surroundings- or old surroundings with a new situation. Her sister, Rhonda, will be staying with the Wright's through the weekend to help care for Debbie. Debbie's mom, Judy, will come when Rhonda goes home. There have been many people who have volunteered to help in any way needed. In the next few days the family will have a better idea of what their needs are and how everyone can help.

Although Debbie has returned home, she still has a long road ahead of her. Her progress is continual but it will take up to a year for her complete recovery. For now, she is trying to rest and slowly ease back into a normal routine.

When I visited with Kelly this evening, Debbie wanted to express a most sincere thanks to EVERYONE who has sent their love. She has had many visits, flowers, cards, blog comments and phone calls. She is also thankful for those who watched out for and took care of her home the past ten days. She said it was wonderful to come home to a yard and home that were in order. The love of her friends has been comforting to her as she has experienced this trying time. Thank you!

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