Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Accident & Debbie's Condition

Around 8pm on Monday, June 28th, a windstorm with gusts near 60mph moved through the Bullfrog area of Lake Powell. As Debbie and her family worked to better secure the boats for the storm, the houseboat and a ski boat struck Debbie simultaneously in the head. Family and fellow boaters worked to keep Debbie stable until emergency personnel could make it to the beach. Debbie was moved to the Bullfrog Marina medical clinic where she awaited life flight. She was transported by air to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo.

Debbie suffered a skull fracture. The fracture goes from ear to ear along the lower part of the back of her head. She also has very small fractures originating along the main fracture and traveling up the back of her head. She is fortunate to have no damage to her spine.

Debbie is currently in the ICU where swelling and air pockets on the brain are being monitored. She continues to have blood and fluid drain from her ear. Deb is able to move her arms and legs. Her memory is very good and her vision is also good. She is able to talk and communicate needs. She does suffer from some numbness in her mouth and face. She also has trouble controlling her eyes. Current side effects of the injury and heavy medication cause her be a little slower and slurred with her speech. These things, however, are expected to improve with time.

Debbie was taken off the ventilator on Tuesday. Today’s accomplishments include: sitting up in a chair, walking between her bed and the door several times, drinking some grape juice, and having some feeling return to the right side of her face. Her speech is also improving daily. Kelly said she is excited to walk in the hall tonight.

The next goals are to get her eating again, move from the ICU, and change her medication to allow her to be more alert and less drowsy.

Her determined spirit is helping with her recovery. She is still very much herself wanting Zac to get back to school and telling her extended family to go home because she’ll “be going home tomorrow”. Kelly is with Debbie. Tory is staying with Zac & Katie and Jason is in Buhl with Debbie’s sister Rhonda.

We will continue to keep you updated daily on Debbie’s condition and improvements. Kelly is able to read the blog from the hospital so please feel free to leave the family messages.

Thank you so much for your love and concern.

The Wright’s and the Kress’