Monday, July 12, 2010

Adjusting to home

Cory and I visited Debbie on Saturday evening. It nearly made me cry to walk into Wright's home and finally have Debbie there. I had been there a few times while Debbie was in the hospital and it felt empty.

Debbie is doing well and adjusting to being home. She does really well getting around the house and taking care of small tasks. Her body is pretty healthy- skull, of course, is still healing. She is now working through the remaining side effects of the accident. On the right side of her body she has trouble with vision, hearing and face numbness. The hearing and numbness (inside her mouth as well) make talking clearly difficult. Several people have compared her current situation to recovering from a stroke. Doctors told Debbie that it could take up to a year for her to be fully recovered. We will all be there supporting her along the way.

Cory and I were both impressed with how well she looked compared to the last time we saw her. Her recovery thus far has been a miracle.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Evening Update

Debbie is settled in and resting now. She is getting used to her new surroundings- or old surroundings with a new situation. Her sister, Rhonda, will be staying with the Wright's through the weekend to help care for Debbie. Debbie's mom, Judy, will come when Rhonda goes home. There have been many people who have volunteered to help in any way needed. In the next few days the family will have a better idea of what their needs are and how everyone can help.

Although Debbie has returned home, she still has a long road ahead of her. Her progress is continual but it will take up to a year for her complete recovery. For now, she is trying to rest and slowly ease back into a normal routine.

When I visited with Kelly this evening, Debbie wanted to express a most sincere thanks to EVERYONE who has sent their love. She has had many visits, flowers, cards, blog comments and phone calls. She is also thankful for those who watched out for and took care of her home the past ten days. She said it was wonderful to come home to a yard and home that were in order. The love of her friends has been comforting to her as she has experienced this trying time. Thank you!

Home Soon!

Debbie should be arriving home in Pocatello around 1:00 today. She is excited to finally be back!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Debbie is coming home!

From Kelly: Great News! We are coming home tomorrow!

Deb's hearing test was good. No damage to her ear drums on either side. She does have blood behind the ear drums which should disappear with time. When it does, her hearing should return to normal. She'll still be able to hear the kids!

Wednesday Morning Update

From Kelly: Well sorry for not getting an update out. Deb is continuing to improve daily. We were a little bummed yesterday that we were not able to go home. We met with a lot of therapists yesterday. The speech therapist has asked Deb in the past to subtract seven from 100 and continue subtracting seven from each answer until she reaches zero. It was a little funny yesterday when Deb told the speech therapist "ask me to do that again and you are going to get it! Who cares!" It sounds like if more tests go well today that we might be able to come home. However, heading home soon seems to be the answer we get every day. Deb will do a hearing test this morning. It should be interesting because the kids claim that she could not hear before the accident! :)

We've found out that no matter how bad we feel for ourselves that someone else has it worse. Deb met a lady who works here in the hospital who's brother-in-law has been in a coma for four weeks. He was hit in the head at work by a pipe. So, we should feel blessed with where we are because it could have been worse.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more about Deb's progress today.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sorry that we haven't posted yet today. I usually get several texts throughout the day from Kelly. None yet today. I've put in a phone call to him and hope to get something substantial posted tonight.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Evening Update

From Kelly: Well, another exciting day for the Wright's. Deb got 2 thumbs up for her evaluations today. One was speech therapy and the other a psychologist. Deb still wants to come home tomorrow. :) Now we are off to dinner.

Working with Rehab

Debbie worked with two members of the rehab team today. Both felt she was doing good. The speech therapist was especially pleased. No major issues. She still needs to meet with five more members of the rehab team before they know exactly when she can return to Pocatello. Hopefully they will be back to work tomorrow.

Monday Morning Update

From Deb: Well good morning everyone. It looks like a nice day outside. Got to see the hot air balloons this morning from my bed. I'm still waiting for them to let me out. I want to go home. Seems like all I do is eat and sleep. I will admit, the pain medicine is good. I'm doing better. Well, it's time for one of my two past times here in the hospital. Eating. It was nice to be able to sleep last night without any tubes. I will talk to everyone later.

Sunday Night Update

From Kelly: Deb wanted to make sure that everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. We're over in rehab, but not a lot of action today. One might think it was a holiday! Deb's color is coming back to her face and her eyes are more alert. She still tells everyone "Go home. I'm fine and I'm leaving tomorrow. ". She went most of the day without taking any nausea medication. She finally took some around 7:30 tonight. She just got off her oxygen assistance. Her heart rate is that of a 20 year-old. Her blood pressure runs around 100 over 60.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Morning Update

Deb's new room number is 2685.

This morning Debbie had a nice long shower. She walked to breakfast in the dining room where she had a bite of pancake and almost all of her orange juice.

She is now getting out of bed to go to the bathroom rather than using a catheter.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Moving to Rehab

The latest: Deb is moving into rehab this afternoon. She is tentatively scheduled to transfer to Pocatello next week for additional rehab. Deb is projected to be in rehab for a seven to 10 days. Keep up the progress, Deb!!! We are all cheering for you!

Greetings From Debbie

Happy 4th of July weekend wishes from Deb and Family. She wants everyone to have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. Kelly said that texting is something new for him. Nephews, nieces and friends better watch out. He's learning some of these new electronic gadgets so he says you might be seeing more of him in the cyber world!

From Deb: Today not much happening yet. Starting to feel a little and even think that I'm getting back to normal. I tossed and turned most of the night, making my nurses work more than usual. I needed their help to get untangled. They knew faster than I did. I was so impressed. But then, I overheard them talking about my bells and whistles going off and that was now they knew. I'm glad at night that I can't hear. Being a light sleeper I would be up all night. I'm able to roll over in bed without any help and feeling a little less nauseated. I think I'm getting better or it might be the new pain meds making me relaxed. I need to thank each and everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Don't worry about us, we are ok. We appreciate what you are doing for us. I am so blessed to have special friends and family like you. Thank you so much. Love, Deb & Family.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Caffeine Free

Zac and Torey have gone back to Provo to be with Debbie & Kelly.

Kelly also said he forgot to mention that Debbie can no longer drink regular Diet Coke with the new pain medication. He has been sneaking her caffeine free whenever she asks for a drink. :)

Evening Update

Kelly said that several doctors/specialist have been in to evaluate Debbie today. One of the trauma doctors was not expecting Debbie to be in such good condition based on the way she looked when arriving on life flight.

Deb has a new pain killer with caffeine in it. This change should help with her headaches.

Morning Update #2

What a difference one night can make! Kelly just called with an update of this morning's events. It was good to talk to him. After talking to Judy I was a little bummed that Deb's progression had slowed. (They switched off early this morning- so Judy was reporting on Deb as of last night.)

Deb had a busy morning. After a walk she was able to have her first real shower. Kelly said it was an emotional uplift for Debbie. She was able to wash the blood from her ears and hair. She also stood alone and brushed her teeth! Following all that, she ate breakfast. Kelly broke her toast into small pieces. She was able to eat it all and keep it down. She also had some orange juice and a little yogurt. Great accomplishments!!!

I remembered to ask about the air pockets in her head this morning. Kelly says as far he knows they are all gone. Good news! The right side of her head suffered the most severe damage in the accident. Consequently, she still has some vision, hearing and numbness trouble on the right side. Her arms and legs have good feeling and work well. Over the last few days, Debbie has had significant improvement in her walking and speaking abilities.

She has a test this morning with Rehab. They will test her emotional and physical levels. We hope she continues to have a great day!

Morning Update

I visited with Judy this morning. It sounds like Deb is continuing to improve but at a little slower rate now.

Hospital staff continue to take her on regular walks. She is not allowed to be out of bed unattended since balance and nausa are still an issue.

Her diet remains liquid as she has struggled to keep much else down. Lucky for her she already loved ice and Diet Coke!

On a positive note, Judy said Deb's speech is still improving. Judy was with her for the "night shift" and said that she rested quite well, only waking a few times. Hopefully she can continue to rest well and let her body heal.

Torey returned to Pocatello because he wanted to work. I am not sure of his plans for the Holiday weekend. Those of you in Pocatello can watch out for him.

Thanks for your love. Debbie has been a big part of so many lives and it is great to see that love returned. We pray for her continued improvement. She has come so far since the accident.

The family is excited and amazed that everyone is following the blog so well. We will try to keep you up to date on her status.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Moving to the 6th floor

Judy just called to let everyone know that Debbie has moved to the 6th floor to room #696. The nurses told Deb she would get ice cream for lunch today. Instead, lasagna and cheesecake showed up. She had a few bites but didn't care for it. Probably a little much for a weak stomach. She did enjoy some Diet Coke though!

Morning Update

Here is the latest on Deb:

Physical Therapy has taken Debbie on some lengthy walks around her floor. Though she struggles with nausea and balance when she walks, these issues improve each time. Physical therapy happened to see her brush her teeth and thought she was doing a very good job.

Debbie still has an IV for fluids. She has started taking oral medications. She is on a liquid diet. Doctors are hoping for her to eat solids soon. I visited with Zac last night and he felt that her speech and alertness was getting better each day.

We are so excited for her continual improvement. I will visit with Kelly again later today and hope to update you on today's accomplishments.

Thank you for your kind comments. The Wright's have appreciated them!

Out of the ICU!

Kelly sent me a couple of texts in the night:

Debbie was released from intensive care yesterday afternoon! She will move up to the 6th floor when a room becomes available. This is amazing considering that doctors still worried about her life on Tuesday morning.

On a good and somewhat funny note, Deb decided to get out of bed alone yesterday. Nurses saw her on camera and quickly went to assist! With her determination she'll be out of the hospital in no time!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Accident & Debbie's Condition

Around 8pm on Monday, June 28th, a windstorm with gusts near 60mph moved through the Bullfrog area of Lake Powell. As Debbie and her family worked to better secure the boats for the storm, the houseboat and a ski boat struck Debbie simultaneously in the head. Family and fellow boaters worked to keep Debbie stable until emergency personnel could make it to the beach. Debbie was moved to the Bullfrog Marina medical clinic where she awaited life flight. She was transported by air to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo.

Debbie suffered a skull fracture. The fracture goes from ear to ear along the lower part of the back of her head. She also has very small fractures originating along the main fracture and traveling up the back of her head. She is fortunate to have no damage to her spine.

Debbie is currently in the ICU where swelling and air pockets on the brain are being monitored. She continues to have blood and fluid drain from her ear. Deb is able to move her arms and legs. Her memory is very good and her vision is also good. She is able to talk and communicate needs. She does suffer from some numbness in her mouth and face. She also has trouble controlling her eyes. Current side effects of the injury and heavy medication cause her be a little slower and slurred with her speech. These things, however, are expected to improve with time.

Debbie was taken off the ventilator on Tuesday. Today’s accomplishments include: sitting up in a chair, walking between her bed and the door several times, drinking some grape juice, and having some feeling return to the right side of her face. Her speech is also improving daily. Kelly said she is excited to walk in the hall tonight.

The next goals are to get her eating again, move from the ICU, and change her medication to allow her to be more alert and less drowsy.

Her determined spirit is helping with her recovery. She is still very much herself wanting Zac to get back to school and telling her extended family to go home because she’ll “be going home tomorrow”. Kelly is with Debbie. Tory is staying with Zac & Katie and Jason is in Buhl with Debbie’s sister Rhonda.

We will continue to keep you updated daily on Debbie’s condition and improvements. Kelly is able to read the blog from the hospital so please feel free to leave the family messages.

Thank you so much for your love and concern.

The Wright’s and the Kress’