Thursday, July 1, 2010

Morning Update

Here is the latest on Deb:

Physical Therapy has taken Debbie on some lengthy walks around her floor. Though she struggles with nausea and balance when she walks, these issues improve each time. Physical therapy happened to see her brush her teeth and thought she was doing a very good job.

Debbie still has an IV for fluids. She has started taking oral medications. She is on a liquid diet. Doctors are hoping for her to eat solids soon. I visited with Zac last night and he felt that her speech and alertness was getting better each day.

We are so excited for her continual improvement. I will visit with Kelly again later today and hope to update you on today's accomplishments.

Thank you for your kind comments. The Wright's have appreciated them!


  1. This is great progress. Yeah!! Give us a holler if you need anything. Again, you are in our prayers.

  2. Wow Jamie and Kelly, I love this blog idea...when Jamie called yesterday and told me about the blog,all I could think was Debbie would hate it but it was the first thing I checked when I got up this morning so keep updating! Jason is terrific,Tanner and him made
    a racetrack,airport,and farm all over my basement,it was awesome! We went to see "Toy Story 3-D" last night so I made them take showers, Tanner had to take another because I couldn't smell shampoo in his hair; Jason was so proud because he passed! Jason says to tell his Mom he loves her and misses her but "not to worry because he is JUST FINE with Tanner." Debbie for once in your life, just worry about getting better and Take Care of You! We love you and know you want to hurry home and back to life, but just do what your the doctors tell you and relax. Your in our thought constantly, we love you!
    Rhonda and Clan

  3. Glad to hear that Jason is having TONS of fun!!!

  4. yes he is doing great. and it sounds like debbie is too. :) have we heard how torey's doing

  5. jamie,
    is she out of icu yet?

    love madison

  6. Just talked to Kel a bit ago...sounds like you are doing super Deb, keep up the good work, but be careful!!! We are all thinking of you 'up-here.' We love you lots!!
    Thanks Rhonda and Clan for taking care of #1!! I know that takes a load off Kelly and Debbie. Tell him Hi from Grandma Wright.
    Take care both of you,
    love u,


  7. Sue,
    we told jason hi for you. jason says "you finally thinks that he's number 1!"
    take care debbie and kelley.

    love ya lots.

  8. Kel said she is still in ICU as they have no room for her on 6 yet she is still getting 'special care' but is just sort of hanging out there until they locate a room for her!!

  9. I took Cocoa over to Pocatello last night where she was VERY happy to see Torey. (I think he was happy to see her too!) Torey followed Zac & Katie up to Ashton after I left. Not sure how long he plans to stay there.

    Maddie- As of this morning Deb was still in her room in the ICU, although she is not considered a "patient" of the ICU. She'll likely go to the 6th floor when a room opens up. Kelly mentioned this morning that moving her to the rehab wing was also now a possiblilty. I didn't say much since he's not sure where she'll go for sure. Pretty good news either way.

  10. jamie,
    ohh i'm glad to hear that torey is doing pretty good. and that is great news. i'm so happy that she is ready to walk and everything.


  11. Debbie,
    You are a trooper. I am not surprised at all to hear that you are progressing so quickly. You have been constantly on my mind and in our prayers. Now let everyone cater to you for a change and just concentrate on getting well. Love ya and hope to talk to you soon. Cindy Duffin