Friday, July 2, 2010

Morning Update #2

What a difference one night can make! Kelly just called with an update of this morning's events. It was good to talk to him. After talking to Judy I was a little bummed that Deb's progression had slowed. (They switched off early this morning- so Judy was reporting on Deb as of last night.)

Deb had a busy morning. After a walk she was able to have her first real shower. Kelly said it was an emotional uplift for Debbie. She was able to wash the blood from her ears and hair. She also stood alone and brushed her teeth! Following all that, she ate breakfast. Kelly broke her toast into small pieces. She was able to eat it all and keep it down. She also had some orange juice and a little yogurt. Great accomplishments!!!

I remembered to ask about the air pockets in her head this morning. Kelly says as far he knows they are all gone. Good news! The right side of her head suffered the most severe damage in the accident. Consequently, she still has some vision, hearing and numbness trouble on the right side. Her arms and legs have good feeling and work well. Over the last few days, Debbie has had significant improvement in her walking and speaking abilities.

She has a test this morning with Rehab. They will test her emotional and physical levels. We hope she continues to have a great day!


  1. Morning Debbie and Kel, Things sound as if you are doing better by the minute...don't over do!!Haven't talked to anyone down there today but Shannon called early this morning with your report Kel so I felt good about you Deb. Thanks to everyone for all the info! Love this 'site'!!!
    Take care too Kel and Judy too!
    love to all

  2. Kelly, Debbie and Judy,
    So glad to hear that things are continually improving. We are thinking about you all the time!! We hope Debbie is being a good patient (don't push it too fast and too hard...isn't that what you told Jeremy!!) We are praying for you (hoping that my prayers go up) and know you are receiving blessings! Debbie is making great progress for what she has been through! We hope you guys feel our love and concern each day! We love you! Love to be able to hear how things are going each day too without having to bug you!!
    Love to everyone!
    The Matsons
    P.S. We should hear from Jeremy today. He will be totally sick about what happened and he will be glad to know that things are improving!!

  3. I talked to Mom this morning and felt the same way Jamie so it was fun to see some more positive news, Thanks!
    Jason is doing great! Maddie took the boys swimming yesterday and they had lots of fun. We all laughed last night, Karlie has been giving Jason a bad time,calling him Jason Wrong instead of Wright; Jason has been giving her smack right back. Well last night Karlie made homemade rootbeer and Jason complimented her on how good it was and Karle said, "Wow Jason, I think your finally Jason Wright again!" Jason then replied that he had always been "Wright" she was "Walker Wrong!"
    JoAnna stopped by and expressed their concern, we are all routing for you and you are in everyone's prayers. Take Care

  4. Debbie, Kelly, and Judy

    Great to hear about the improvements. We know that prayers are answered. No way to explain your improving health -- and your listening to the doctors and those who love you. We are grateful for you. Hang in there. We sure wish we could speed up time to get you home.

    Randy and Shari

  5. Debby and Kelly
    Jason is doing GREAT! we are going to be in the 4th of july parade. we are so excited! and jason wants you to know that he loves you. and he'll see you soon.

    love ya
    madison & jason

  6. Tyson wants to tell Jason hi. Have fun with Tanner.

  7. jaosn says hi and wants to know if he is getting beaten up by hailey?

  8. He says she's trying to beat him up, but he just pins her!

  9. Debbie, Kelly and Family -

    We are so glad to hear that you are progressing so well! We wish only the best for you and keep you in our prayers. Call us if you need anything. LOL Roy and Cheryl Allen